Video Production

Single Camera or Mult-Camera Switched Shoot

PVAI has been filming events ranging from corporate messages to government informational and training videos. Current clients run the gamut from corporations and government agencies to schools and law firms, and our videos have included professional sporting events, religious meetings, graduations and the arts.

A limited budget does not necessarily have to mean limited results. PVAI will make every effort to work within our client's budgets. The videos we produce will be ones you will be proud to have represent your company or your clients.

Videoconference and Webcasting

Videoconference and Webcasting

Whether you wish to have a "One to One” or a "One to Many" meeting, PVAI will provide you the expertise your company will need to make the meeting happen. For a "One to Many" meeting PVAI recommends using the latest in audio/video streaming technology, we give you the whole picture in a specially designed Webcast viewer .For groups who want to gather to have a "One to One” meeting, we continue to offer the highest quality videoconferencing.

Duplication, Fulfillment and Conversions

PVAI’s Duplication and Fulfillment department can provide on time and worry free services.

PVAI is able to provide duplication and conversions in a variety of formats including: Beta SP, Betacam, DVCam, DVC Pro, MiniDV, DVD, VHS, SVHS, PAL, SECAM, and NTSC.

In addition, if you prefer to work with digital media, we can provide DVD Mastering, compression and encoding in a variety of formats including: AVI, Real Networks, Quicktime, Window Media Technologies, and MPEG.

Dance Recitals

Professional Video Associates, Inc. (PVAI) has been videotaping dance recitals in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area for over 25 years. Here are several reasons why your studio should consider using PVAI for your video needs.


Professional Video Associates, Inc. has been taping depositions for over 26 years. For each deposition PVAI brings all necessary professional audio and video equipment to provide the client a DVD copy immediately afterwards and whatever copies are needed thereafter.


PVAI offers a full range of captioning or CART options to its clients. Add captioning to your project using PVAI's live and offline close and open captioning services.

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